The FRIDAY WRAP for April 6th, 2018

Welcome to the Friday Wrap for March 30th, 2018!  Once again, we filmed this week’s Wrap onsite to promote a local business.  Click on this link or the picture to watch the video:


Oldest Monotheistic Religion in the World…in Burr Ridge:
Last Saturday I had the honor of visiting the Zoroastrian Center of Chicago located on Meadowbrook Drive near Route 83 and was astounded at some of the things that I learned.  For example, did you know that Zoroastrianism was founded about 3500 years ago?   And what surprised me even more was that the 3 Wise Men or Magi were actually Zoroastrian priests!  It just amazes me that right in our back yard we have an organization that has its roots 1500 years before the birth of Jesus Christ!  Who knew? 
Rooted in Iran and India, they were the dominant religion with followers in the millions during three mighty Persian empires stretching west towards Rome and Greece, as well as India, Russia and Egypt.  They are the first Monotheistic Religion in the world, believing in one supreme God, and follow an ethic of personal responsibility, honesty, integrity, charity, hard work and good thoughts, works and deeds. The number of Zoroastrians in the world today is about 200,000, possibly due to the fact that they do not proselytize; you have to be born Zoroastrian. 

  • After almost five years of (volunteer) service to the village, Greg Scott announced his Resignation from Plan Commission to enable him to focus on other volunteer and professional organizations.  Greg…THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!!
  • Former Trustee Dolores Cizek Passes Away: The village received a phone call this week from Robert Cizek that his mother died the previous week; we are still awaiting further details. 
  • Board Petitioned to Consider Video Gambling: Opening discussions are on the agenda for this Monday’s Village Board Meeting after John Bittner submitted a petition from a group of restaurants asking Burr Ridge to consider Video Gambling.  The meeting begins at 7:00 pm. 

Secret Service Agent Speaks at Chamber Meeting:
We had a special guest at the Willowbrook/Burr Ridge Chamber of Commerce luncheon.  Special Agent Johnson educated us all about how to identify counterfeit currency and handed out several flyers including “Know Your Money”.  He also gave us some disturbing details about how gangs in Chicago use the converted money to buy Guns and fund their Drug operations. 
Test-Drive a Tesla!!
On a more positive note, you have a Rare Opportunity to test-drive an all electric Tesla at Highline Auto Sales!  New Tesla dealerships do not do this…so it’s great to have a local luxury used car facility like this nearby that can!  Located on Executive Drive (near Madison’s and the helicopter company), it is in Willowbrook, but both the owners of both the business and the building are Burr Ridge residents.  They have twenty (20) in stock that range from just rear drive to all-wheel drive plus high-performance models that will impress anyone and pin you to your seat!  I had one for a day…and was amazed by how it drove!!
On Personal Notes . . .

  • Trustee Zach Mottl had quite a surprise while taking a shower outdoors in Florida when he looked up to 4 foot Iguana…check out the pic!
  • And my wife was quite surprised when Vince’s Florist delivered a beautiful vase of 33 Roses…for our 33rd Wedding Anniversary.

 Mayor Mickey

Mayor Mickey Straub

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