FRIDAY WRAP for January 19th, 2018

Greetings and welcome to the Friday Wrap for January 19th, 2018 which was delayed due to a full business and campaign week. Sorry, there was no time to produce a video this week.  

Mayor's Meet & Greet TODAY:
All residents are welcome to my Mayor's Meet & Greet today in case you want to stop by and ask questions about the village, campaign or express any concerns about the state or village.  While it is primarily for the State Rep race, I'd love to hear from you about anything you would like to discuss!  I will be at Brookhaven in County Line Square from 10 AM to 12 Noon.

Snow Cycling on Burr Ridge Bridge:
Last Sunday evening, I saw something that I've never seen before: a Cyclist crossing our County Line Road Bridge in the middle of a snow storm.  WOW...that is commitment!!

Burr Ridge Park District Hosts Mayor: 
I was 
asked to speak to the park district's Senior Group this past Wednesday about the 50 Capitols in 50 Days trip.  Attended by over sixty (60) members, it was great to see so much interest and questions about our beautiful capitols, the amazing people that I met along the way and the trip itself.  Thank you for letting me relive a life-changing trip!!!

BOUQ Box Party:
This past Wednesday, the Willowbrook/Burr Ridge Chamber of Commerce hosted a wonderful Open-House at the BOUQ Box in the Village Center that is more than just a flower store.  Attended by dozens, I didn't have long to be there, but just enough to speak with former village president Bud Coglianese and his wife Judy as well as John Adolf.  Coincidentally, they are both in the funeral home business...and so was my grandfather and a couple uncles.

Residents Request Mayor's Q & A:
At the request of several residents who had questions about progress and projects in the village over the last few years as well as the claims made in the campaign mailings, I held a two-hour Question and Answer Session this week.  It was hosted at the CROWNE PLAZA, lasted about two hours and was attended by about a residents. 

BIG NEWS in the Village: A WIN & a LOSS
I was quite to hear this week about two business moves in the village: McDonald's signed a contract to build a new facility at the corner of Route 83 and 91st Street and Global Luxury Imports went out of business following a divorce and a split up of assets.  
Stay warm, stay safe…and set BIG GOALS

Mayor Mickey

Mayor Mickey Straub