FRIDAY WRAP for January 26th, 2018

Hello and welcome to The Friday Wrap for January 26th, 2018!  Sorry, no time for a video this week.

Elvis comes to Burr Ridge!
Okay, it may not have been the original Elvis, but it was a great local performer (Joe Grlica) who carries on the King’s legacy in extraordinary fashion very well!  He returned to the County Wine Merchant last weekend for a private birthday party thrown for Anwar Abussamen and Chello. 
Board Meeting:  The regular Board Meeting was held this past Monday.  After the Consent Agenda was approved, Doug Pollock summarized the board’s strategic goals.  Due to the topic of a potential lawsuit for the false claims against the village being made by a candidate running for State Representative and my not being allowed to attend the Closed Meeting when the board was deliberating on it, I elected not to attend.  After their meeting, Trustee and Mayor Pro-Tem Al Paveza was quoted as saying, “The village is going to hold off for now and keep the option open for a lawsuit in the future.”
Village Center Update: 
Kristy Tramontana provided the Economic Development Committee an update recently on the progress in the Village Center and there are a lot of positive trends this past year.  For example, Mall sales are up 5% (10 stores had double digits), Traffic is +5% for the year (1.4M), Kohler signed a 7 year lease and Topaz will be remodeling in the Spring and signed a 10 years lease!  Banana Republic will be moving out, but the Design Bar is expanding to almost 7000 sf near the Village Green.  For the first time, they are more than 70% leased and they are in discussion or negotiation on several more spaces.

Marquardt Printing: A diamond in our own backyard!
At 3:00 pm this afternoon (Friday), I found out that my print job could not get done on time to have for an event on Saturday.  I thought, “I wonder if Marquardt Printing can do it?  So, I stopped in at their Madison Street shop in Willowbrook and am still amazed that in about 90 minutes I walked out with a box of 1000 walk-cards on laminated card stock!  On top of that, it cost far less than you would ever have to pay at Staples or Kinko’s!  So, if you own or manage a business or even work out of your house and are looking to print a brochure or card or probably anything, I highly recommend that you consider Marquardt Printing…they are amazing! 
Campaign Update & Opinion:  
It has been a tough couple of months, but they just got tougher with the last group of campaign flyers from the Jim Durkin campaign and the Illinois Republican Party.  Their campaign flyers attempt to somehow connect me to former U. S. Senator Roy Moore through an Illinois donor (Dick Uhlein) who donated to an Alabama political action committee and another one in Illinois that has supported me while calling it “dirty money”. 
I’d just like to say thank you to all the Burr Ridge residents who have come to me and expressed their shock with the Durkin mailers.  I’ve heard everything from “they are disgusting, vile and outrageous” to, “He should be arrested!”  And as an older Western Springs resident told me, “I’ve never seen anything like this!”  These flyers are not just stretching the facts, they are designed to mislead with an obvious implication that I don’t even want to honor with retyping the words. (Please see attached) 
In my opinion, Jim Durkin’s campaign just turned from “desperate to disgusting” and crosses the line of being slanderous and now, I am exploring my legal options.  This reminds me of one of my first political lessons: “It’s no wonder why the best candidates don’t always run, win or stay.”
On a Personal Note . . .
My wife (Charmaine, the Mayorette) had a birthday last weekend which we celebrated at Cooper’s Hawk and Capri; now I get to tease her for 33 days that I’m married to an older woman.  Our daughter’s birthday is January 28th, coincidentally the same as Jim Durkin. 
Have a blessed week, 

Mayor Mickey

Mayor Mickey Straub