The FRIDAY WRAP for June 15th, 2018

Welcome again to the Friday Wrap for June 15th, 2018!  Spring weather is certainly here with all its unpredictability. 

Burr Ridge Car Show Soggy…but Successful!  
The skies were forecasted to be cloudy mid-day on Saturday, but Mother Nature had other plans!  It rained more on than off all day, but about a third of the participants still showed up and a good time was had by all attendees.  (The food from Brookhaven was great as always as was the NOTHING BUNDT CAKES…who were generous with their pricing and free samples.)
McDonald’s Approved, Gambling Rejected at Board Meeting:
The Village Board Meeting was held on Monday, but despite concerns expressed by residents and trustees about the concern over potential traffic and safety concerns, it was approved unanimously.  
There was considerable discussion of the possibility of approving Video Gambling / Gaming in Burr Ridge and we heard from several of the nine restaurants in the village who requested it via a petition; their principle argument in favor of it was the potential revenue to their establishments and the village.  But after Village Administrator Doug Pollock distributed copies of 31 emails from residents and pointed out that 28 were against and only 3 were for gambling and former mayor Gary Grasso warned that it would be a fundamental and philosophical change in the village that might devalue home prices and four out of five board members spoke out against it, the Board opted to not change the current restriction that gambling not be allowed.  Trustee Zach Mottl was generally not in favor, but willing to learn more information and Trustee Joe Snyder is in favor of video gambling but was not present at the meeting.  For the record, I vehemently oppose video gambling and believe it runs contrary to the village brand/reputation and it would adversely affect the village in ways that far outweigh any benefit. I believe that many things help reinforce that Burr Ridge is “A Very Special Place” like the new Shirley Ryan Ability Lab, Hampton Social, Crowne Plaza, Hampton Inn as well as Loyola, Capri, Topaz, County Wine Merchant, Village Center and many other establishments and polices of the village, but gambling would not!  I totally support the Board’s rejection of video gambling and would even go so far as to say what I told one of the hotel owners that “I would resign before being forced to sign its approval”. 

Two other notable items of the meeting included the resignation of Sandy Carman, a 30 Year Village Employee who was honored with an official Resolution, and the passing of 50+ year Burr Ridge resident, WWII Veteran Guy Franzese and father of Trustee Guy Franzese. His Dad's funeral was held a couple of weeks ago and I'll never forget the WWII pics of his service in the Army/Air Corps.

MB Financial Holds Annual Customer Appreciation Day with WBBR Chamber:
For the first time in years, the weather was perfect for the reception and cocktails served at MB Financial on Wednesday which they do in tandem with the Willowbrook/Burr Ridge Chamber of Commerce (who is also located in that building).  The two big prize winners were George Starmann (TV) and Richard Barton (Wine Basket). 
In Other Restaurant News . . . 
My wife and I had an outstanding time at HAMPTON SOCIAL on Friday night and really enjoyed the open window atmosphere and lighting!  It was a great a chance to see some old friends, make new ones and even met Jim Thome (Baseball Hall of Famer and Burr Ridge resident) and his wife; they were there celebrating the release of her new book.  And here’s some more great news for dining: TOPAZ’ newly decorated patio is complete and is even more comfortable and popular than ever!  It really is beautiful and love the new menu, too! 
In other News: I don’t usually even mention these, but I thought you’d like to know that this week I also had to deal with everything from code violations, liquor commissioner responsibilities and disgruntled residents to the arrest of one business’ employee for evading police. 
Good health and happiness, 

 Mayor Mickey

Mayor Mickey Straub

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