The FRIDAY WRAP for March 23rd, 2018

Hello and welcome again to the Friday Wrap for March 23rd, 2018…and Spring!  The weather is warming and the skies are clearing, so I hope you have a great weekend!!  Click on the link or the pic for this week’s video:


Kerry Piper’s St. Patrick’s Day Festivities:
The Kerry Piper was the place to be last weekend and not just on St. Patrick’s Day, but all weekend!  The street was lined with cars and the place was packed as one of the most popular local pubs celebrated the festivities over the 3 day weekend. This is also their annual event to raise money for St. Baldrick’s, a charitable organization committed to supporting and raising money for childhood cancer research.   
Plan Commission Hears from Residents:
On Monday night, the Plan Commission Meeting was held in the Police Department’s meeting room to accommodate the number of residents who wanted to listen and give input about the proposed McDonald’s restaurant at the corner of Route 83 and 91st Street (adjacent to Spectrum Senior Living).  The main concerns expressed centered around the increased traffic and safety concerns that may develop if it moves from across the highway into Burr Ridge.  More information and studies were requested and the topic was tabled for one month. 
Mayor Mickey Loses Bid for State Assembly
THANK YOU, my friends for your support and confidence!! As you know, I lost the State Rep race against our House Republican Leader and the establishment; I was tired of sitting on the bleachers as our state continues to shrink in population and our state is being ruined by our politicians, especially the career politicians. I hope that our voices were heard and that out party returns to the conservative roots of Reagan, Lincoln and our founding fathers. (For the record, I spent about $50k; any other mailings or ads were placed by independent organizations upon which I had no control.)  We held an Election Night Party at the CROWNE PLAZA…glad that it was over! 

Unfortunately, the campaign finished as dirty as it started with signs being stolen overnight and even in broad daylight at Pleasantview Fire house.  (See pics below).  I did text my opponent, Jim Durkin (who spent $2.5 Million to win re-election…for a $69K per year job) and asked to talk with him:  Congratulations and good luck! I was impressed with how hard you fought to win and how the entire local and state party supported your RE-election. My hope is that you can use that same energy to fight for the future of our state!  I did not hear back.

Business Appreciation Breakfast:
The Village of Burr Ridge held their annual Business Appreciation Breakfast to show our appreciation for all of our local businesses and give everyone a chance to network and learn together and about the village.  In addition, this year we gave awards to both a business and an individual to recognize their outstanding involvement and impact on the community; the recipients were TWO BOSTONS in the Village Center and Russell Smith, a Financial Advisor representing Edward Jones.  It was also held at the CROWNE PLAZA. This year’s guest speaker was Roy Spencer, CEO and Founder of Perma-Seal, which just purchased the Panduit building on 79th and Grant streets which employs about 200 people.  Roy was very inspirational and offered a lot of new leadership ideas to the attendees!
Fred Astaire Dance Studio Celebrates 10th Anniversary:
I know it’s last minute, but you may want to stop by Fred Astaire Dance Studio tonight for their special celebration of their 10th Anniversary!!  Festivities at their County Line Square location begin at 7:00 pm; dancing at 7:30!!
On a Personal Note . . .  
I had to include one of my favorite Abraham Lincoln posters (Portrait of an Achiever) that inspires me and reminds me that I’m not alone and actually in good company. 
May God bless Illinois and you!
 Mayor Mickey

Mayor Mickey Straub

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