The FRIDAY WRAP for May 18th, 2018

Welcome to the Friday Wrap for May 18th, 2018!  I think summer has arrived…it was a busy week and things are heating up around the village!  This week’s Friday Wrap was filmed from the Burr Ridge Veterans Memorial as they prepare for tomorrow’s Armed Forces Day event.  I was also able to get an update from Trustee Zach Mottl on the District 86 issue.  Please see below for more information about the Civil Rights Complaint to be filed and click on this link or the picture to watch the Friday Wrap and interview:

Village Board Meeting: 
The Village Trustees and Mayor held the Regular Board meeting on Monday and twenty-three
Items on the Consent Agenda.  Discussed at considerable length were the following:

  • McDonald’s – Consideration for a proposed McDonald’s at the corner of 91st and Route 83 that was approved by the Plan Commission by a 4-1 vote, was approved by the Board by a 5-1 vote.  The biggest concern voiced about this $3 Million project is increased traffic and the village is going to go TO great lengthS to ensure residents in that area are not adversely affected, assuming it gets approved at the next meeting.
  • Update from School Excellence Committee – We received an update from Trustees Zach Mottland Anita Mital about the decision of the 12 member committee of residents to file a Civil Rights Complaint against the District 86 School Board through the U.S. Dept of Education, Office of Civil Rights.  Though only one signature is necessary, petitions are being circulated to fix the “unlawful attendance boundaries, the continuation and expansion of those boundaries and the curricular disparity between Hinsdale Central and Hinsdale South High Schools”.  More information is available on the village website or you can email Trustee Mottl at
  • Nomination of Barry Irwin to Plan Commission – The Village Board voted unanimously to approve my nomination of longtime resident Barry Irwin to the Plan Commission.  But that was only done after Trustee Franzese voiced his displeasure in public that all trustees didn’t get a chance to do a formal group interview, even though he was given all the circumstances in private and had plenty of time to discuss in advance; ironically, he then voted in favor. (It’s no secret that he and I have disagreed with each other over 90% of the time; that’s politics for you!) As a side note, we now have more applicants and more time to have formal interviews of the candidates for the Alternate position which is still open.  All volunteers are welcome to apply!
  • Other issues addressed this week (outside the board meeting) were complaints about the Burr Ridge Baseball League, Liquor License Applicants’ Employees with a previous Arrest Record and possible Violations of Special Use requirements. 

Economic Development Committee Meeting:

  • The great news and ideas kept flowing from the EDC members following an optimistic update from Village Center Manager Kristy Tramontana: Occupancy is an all-time high at 72%, Year-to-date Sales are up 25% and Traffic Count is up 8%!  They are talking with one breakfast/lunch place for the 850 building and a contemporary work share company for the same area. 
  • Other good news included the planning for sending out the Biennial Business Survey in more creative ways to get more feedback, a large Travel Planners meeting for Dupage County will be held in Burr Ridge and we now are ranked in the Top 3 Industrial Markets in Chicagoland with our four very popular industrial parks! 

Come to the Armed Forces Day Event TOMORROW!!
Please join us for what is the BIGGEST Armed Forces Day event in Dupage County to honor and appreciate all five branches of the military!  Festivities begin at the Burr Ridge Veterans Memorial at 10 AM which include the West Suburban Concert Band, Invocation, Posting of the Colors, Patriot Award plus more and refreshments galore!  See below for more info! 
Or just stop by to see our 5 New Military Flags…one for each branch of the military?  You may also get a chance to thank former Village President and past Trustee Len Ruzak for his generous donation to have the five poles installed in honor of his five brothers.  WOW! 
On a Personal Note . . . 
Yesterday, I visited the incredible Peoria Riverfront Museum to visit two old friends: Abraham Lincoln and John Morris (Pres/CEO)…or make that three if you count the “Common Man” statue next to Abe? Recently moved from Michigan Avenue, this 35 foot painted bronze statue by Seward Johhson is modeled after the life-sized one in Gettysburg (at Lincoln Square) and is now one of the most popular places for a selfie in the state!
SHOUT OUT . . . to the team building the Indoor Soccer complex in Willowbrook!  Pictured are Mario (of Compass Trucks) and Walter Vaselinovic (general contractor) who work for Roy Dobrasenovic of Burr Ridge who dreamed up the idea! 
God bless America,
 Mayor Mickey

Mayor Mickey Straub

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