Friday Wrap for November 10, 2017

Friday Wrap for November 10, 2017

(Re: Cub Scouts, Trinity HS, Dan Hampton & THE HAMPTON SOCIAL & Veterans Day Ceremony)

Welcome to The Friday Wrap for November 10, 2017!  It appears that winter is on its way; this week we had our first frost and snow flurries!  Here is the link to this week’s video:

Cub Scouts Visit Village Hall:  Last Friday, I was visited by the four local Cub Scouts with their moms at Village Hall as part of their requirement to learn about municipal government and the role of the Mayor and Board of Trustees.  It was great to see how excited these kids were to be in the Board Room and even sit in the Member’s chairs! 
Trinity High School Celebrates 100 Year Anniversary!
As part of my role as mayor, occasionally I receive invitations to events at neighboring communities and I just couldn’t pass up this one: Last Sunday, I attended the Mass and celebration for Trinity High Schoolin River Forest who is celebrating their 100th Anniversary!  This is a huge milestone that I felt compelled to attend as a local mayor and to support Catholic education.  (My wife and I both attended Catholic school for grade school and high school, and Charmaine even went to St. Xavier’s for college.)  Trinity is only of seven (7) All Girls high schools remaining in the Chicago area.  They will be celebrating their milestone all year
I decided to dedicate the bulk of this week’s Friday Wrap to The Hampton Social because it has to be the most anticipated and talked opening that has occurred in Burr Ridge since I became mayor in 2013!  What a treat it was to be able to attend their Preview Night (thanks to investor Tim Mahler) last night with my Charmaine, Alysa and Jared (wife, daughter and boyfriend) as well as so many friends like Gail DeMory and Nicole DeMory, Lisa Martusciello, Jorie Peirce and Kimberly Bolte, Jimmy Kuksta and Anna, Michael Simmons, Kevin Kopp and so many others! 
A special appearance was also made by Dan and Gina Hampton, but “No, it’s not named after the Danimal”; the genre and food all modelled after the Hamptons, a string of little beach towns on the east end of Long Island, New York.  Even their “Rose all Day” is a trend that started in NYC!   Though they have some private events on Friday and Saturday for friends and family, they will be open for dinners to the public this Tuesday and lunches the following week.  (We also filmed the Friday Wrap from Hampton Social today.)
Veterans Day Event…tomorrow!   
There will be a brief (10-15 minute) ceremony to Honor our Veterans tomorrow at the Burr Ridge Veterans Memorial, Saturday, November 11th at 9AM.  It will be a short and special event but will include an Honor Guard, a prayer by Fr. Thomas Koys (St. James at Sag Bridge) and singing of the National Anthem and Amazing Grace by Jennifer Pollock (Doug’s wife).  Veterans Memorial Chairman Tim Vaklav will also be making comments on the importance of this day to honor all U.S. Mililtary Veterans who have protected the greatest country in the world!  It will be followed by refreshments and complimentary pastries provided by Kirsten’s Bakery.  
On a Personal Note . . . 
As part of my requirement to obtain signatures to get on the ballot for the March 20th Primary, we were able to set up at Brookhaven and Kirsten’s Bakery last weekend.  Thank you much to both businesses and to all the residents who were kind enough to sign my petition…we’re off to a great start!   
That's a Wrap...have a Blessed and Patriotic week!  

Mayor Mickey

Mayor Mickey Straub