Friday Wrap for October 20th, 2017

Friday Wrap for October 20, 2017

(Re: Record Rain, Mt. Assisi, Village Goals, Gas Leak Explosion, etc.)  

Welcome to The Friday Wrap for October 20th, 2017!  Here is the link to this week’s video:

Record Rainfall and Flooding:
We have seen some isolated flooding in Burr Ridge since my wife and I moved here (30 years ago this month), but never as much as last weekend.  After a record 9.5 – 10 inches of rain fell over 36 hours, it was too much for the creeks and retention ponds to handle which resulted in the flooding of Peppermill Court and 79th and Drew Avenue, as well as several county roadways like on Madison Street and even N. Frontage Road at Loyola Medical.  Loyola was required to close for the day. 
Mt. Assisi Academy Converted to Retreat Center:
Last Sunday, my wife and I attended the official opening of Mt. Assisi Retreat Center.  After several years of planning, guidance, donors and help from parishioners and alumni, the School Sisters of St. Francis of Christ the King have converted the classrooms of Mt. Assisi Academy into a first-class, spiritual retreat center.  The effort was led by Sister Barbara Markovich and it is an incredible transformation and brand new use of the formerly all-girls high school.  It is being booked up quickly, but if you would like more information about events and availability, please call 630-257-8368. 
Village Board Goal Setting Workshop: 
The first part of a special planning process was held this week called the Strategic Goal Setting Workshop.  Attended by the Mayor, Board of Trustees and department heads, it was a great time for us to assess our progress on our previous set of goals and the second meeting will give the new board achance to set some news ones for our future.  Consistent with the Open Meetings Act, it was open to the public and was held at the Burr Ridge Police Station.  The discussion was led by consultant Tom Oberwise; two residents also attended. A written summary is being prepared and will soon be available. 
Hampton Social Update:
Here are a few of the latest pictures of the inside of Hampton Social taken last weekend.  I can only imagine how much better it looks this week after the flooring was installed…which I’ll get for you next week!
Gas Leak Precedes house Explosion, Fires, Evacuations in Willowbrook:
An underground Fuel Tank Leak is suspected to have caused multiple fires and an explosion with injuries in Willowbrook this morning.  Leaking into the sewer lines of Flag Creek approximately along 63rd street, it also affected some homes in northern Burr Ridge as the water flowed east.  At the time of this writing, it is presumed that the sewer lines have been shut off, but if a gasoline smell is affecting your home or business, you are encouraged to run water through sinks, tubs and floor drains, open the doors to ventilate and notify Flag Creek Water Reclamation District at 630-323-3299.
Campaign for State Rep Update:
My Campaign kick-off for Illinois State Representative for the 82nd District will be held this Wednesday, October 25th.  (According to a recent survey, eighty-five percent (85%) of Illinoisans feel that the state is on the wrong path.  My goal is to help “Put Illinois on the Right Path”.) If you would like to attend, please reply to this email and I/we will send you more information?  
On a Personal Note . . . 
Five years ago this week, I also celebrated the 5 Year Anniversary of my 50 CAPITOLS IN 50 DAYS trip!  It was completed on October 17th 2012.  After visiting the Illinois State Capitol building, the patriotic pilgrimage officially ended in front of Lincoln’s Tomb at Oakwood Cemetery in Springfield.
That's a Wrap...make it a great week! 

Mayor Mickey

Mayor Mickey Straub