Friday Wrap for September 15th, 2017

Friday Wrap for September 15, 2017

(Re: Jordan, District 86, Global Luxury, Asphalt Plant, Taste of Egypt, etc.) 

Welcome to The Friday Wrap for September 15th, 2017!  This is longer than usual (sorry), but this was a busy week in and around Burr Ridge!  Here is a link to this week’s video that was filmed at St. Mark’s Coptic Church to promote their Taste of Egypt event (See below and attached) this weekend:
Jordanian Government Delegation Visits BR: On Sunday, I practically drove straight from Pennsylvania to meet Congressmen and the Speaker of the House of the Jordanian Parliament.  A special reception to welcome these dignitaries to Illinois was coordinated by Burr Ridge residents Dr. Anton Fakhouri and Sam Odeh. I am continually amazed by the people that I meet who live, work and visit our very special place! 
Village Board Meeting Overflows: Approved unanimously was the Plan Commission’s recommendation to continue Global Luxury Imports special use of their building on Tower Drive for luxury retail automobile sales and service.  And it’s not too often that we have standing room only, but Monday’s meeting was one of them!  At the prompting of numerous residents and the Fill South First organization, the Board agreed to listen to resident concerns over District 86’s second attempt to put another referendum on the ballot to expand Hinsdale Central (that was rejected by 93% of Burr Ridge residents last year) when Hinsdale South has room for 400 more students.  Attendees unanimously expressed their hopes that District 86 would be more “fair and balanced”.  In a letter to Board of Education and Superintendent, resident Betsy Levy says it best: “Fill South First is an idea, an idea any person with common sense can espouse: Utilize existing facilities before asking taxpayers for money unnecessarily. Once that fiduciary duty is responsibly accomplished, people will support any and all needed improvements.”
After the meeting, and at the request of a veteran, Zach Mottl (Village Trustee) and I placed a special Viet Nam War medal atop the Burr Ridge Veterans Memorial to commemorate the 50th Anniversary. We also had a moment of silence and prayer in honor of them and all who lost their lives on 9/11. May we never forget!  Also, thank you to Jane Hopson for letting us all know that next week is CONSTITUTION WEEK!  
District 86 Holds Two Meetings: District 86 held two special Board Meetings to hear from parents living in Hinsdale Central, Hinsdale South and the Buffer Zone.  As expected, the meeting held in Hinsdale was predominantly attended by parents from Hinsdale Central, but unfortunately, so was the one held in Darien at Hinsdale South held this past Tuesday!  Dubbed a “Listening” Meeting, the only parents that D86 Members really got to “listen to” were parents from Hinsdale Central (especially Oak Brook and Buffer Zone) who signed up first to speak.  It was a sea of Red shirts!  Sadly, only three (3) Hinsdale South parents were allowed to speak in the meeting that was limited to two (2) hours and, I am told, they were “shouted down” by the audience.  And when I asked one of D86 Board members “How the meeting went?” she replied, “I think very well.  I love when a big crowd shows up.  The text was followed by “Democracy in action” and a little smiley face.   It appears, according to some parents, that “The D86 Board and Superintendent chose to use some language in their announcement designed to induce panic among parents”, which it did. 
If anyone wants to know, “Why was the Village Board asked by residents to get involved in this discussion?” Here’s why:  Forty-eight percent (48%) of all Burr Ridge residents are in the Hinsdale South school zone!  Of the remaining, nineteen percent (19%) of all Burr Ridge residents are in the Hinsdale Central school zone and thirty-three percent (33%) are in Lyons Township.  None are in the Buffer Zone.  And what percentage of all Burr Ridge resident who are in District 86 live in the Hinsdale South zone?  Answer: Seventy-two (72%) of all Burr Ridge residents who live in District 86 are in the Hinsdale South zone.  (See attached.) 
I’m sorry if some people feel I/we should not get involved in this discussion; we are just reporting the facts, trying to shine some light on a very important subject and hoping to open up communication. 
Hurricane Harvey Effort: The tractor trailer filled with 50 pallets of donated goods arrived in Houston. That was a phenomenal effort that was led by Edyta and Peter Smolka of Burr Ridge and village personnel to help those hurricane victims!
Score Sports Center Gets Award: On Wednesday, I was invited to attend the Ovation to Business Award ceremony for Score Sports Center that was recognized by State Representative Jim Durkin.  SFC is owned by Burr Ridge residents Pierre and Karla Wakim.
Asphalt Plant Opposition Letters Sent: I sent an official “Letter of Opposition” to all County Board Members this week citing all the issues, safety and health concerns around this project.
Power Outage in Burr Ridge There was a power outage last night and it included our home on 81stStreet!  Luckily, it only included 37 homes around Pine Tree and Lake Ridge subdivisions and ComEd was able to resolve it within 4 hours!
Taste of Egypt Festival this Weekend:  I hope you come out to the Taste of Egypt Festival held at St. Mark’s Coptic Church on 79th Street this weekend which includes fun activities for all ages and incredible food, including Baklava and Falafel, Hummus, Kabobs, etc!   Last year, I even had a chance to ride my first camel and have a picture taken with a pyramid in the background that made it look like I was actually in Egypt!  You will also be able to get a tour of their incredible $12 Million addition and beautiful church, complete with banquet facilities that will be open for public and corporate use.  Here is a link to a 2 minute video with Sherry and Joe to tell you all about it:

On a Personal Note . . . 
Included are also some pictures from my trip to Pennsylvania which included lunch at the Philadelphia Country Club with insurance industry icon and good friend, Maury Stewart, a visit to the American College of Financial Services.
 That's a Wrap...make it a great week! 

Mayor Mickey

Mayor Mickey Straub